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Simple cause and effect... we know meat causes cancer due to the sugars within it. The only stance in the fitness industry has with eating meat from an objective sense is the meat, milk, and milk products is the slow release and complete proteins.

But if you just eat your variety of vegetable source foods to form your compete proteins... you will lower your glycemic load thus lowering the amount of inflammation within the body additionally having better blood and blood flow ... due to an increased amount of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients.

Pea protein for example is pretty close to whey protein in the amino acid profile. In its amino profile there are some aminos in greater quantity and others below compared to whey but relatively equal.

Additionally the case for casein protein I see it's only use really is right before bed because it's long slow release, but that in itself I see it as bad because during sleep metabolic rate slows down so breakdown isn't happening as quick additionally there are processes while you sleep in which where you are detoxing and recovering. 1920s evening dresses for sale

What I would recommend if you still insist on eating prior to bed is eating a large meal, high caloric before bed of just plant based foods. With at least 50grams of protein. This will accomplish the slower digestion or be the next best thing to slow releasing proteins.

A more natural cycling of how our bodies evolved is fasting through the day but eating a high caloric high carbohydrate meal prior to sleep. The fasting state provides heightened brain activity during the day and at night you'r refueling your glycogen stores at night.

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