Best Flower Girl Dresses 2020

So tonight I was working late at my office and a woman I call my superhero came to see me. I call her that because I'd heard of a situation that'd happened here in town where a domestic situation had occurred where a woman was beaten, had gasoline poured on her, and her home set on fire. One day 2 women walk into my office and I find out the one staring at the floor with her face turned is that woman so I go up to her and it's at that time I realize she was a woman I'd worked ... at McDonald's with when I was mongo pregnant in highschool.... so once I get her to lift her head and look at me I told her to NEVER hold her head in shame that she needs to hold it high and be proud don't worry about what she looks like because she's beautiful and she's intelligent she not only fought him she outsmarted him TWICE, a few days after that she had heart surgery and she's been back to work now for two weeks! She's a superhero! In that moment she realized how valuable her life was and that she was worth fighting for and she more than survived! So anyway her and I were talking about the garbage happening on facebook and I said let's go eat at Luigis so we went and our waitress looked familiar but I couldn't remember exactly why but then she asked if I used to work at ---------(a place for troubled youth) I said yes and she asked if I remembered her and she said her name and I was like OOH MY WORD I did! So we chatted a bit she asked about my ex not realizing the situation so I told her well since then she's said I changed her life that's how after almost 11 years she remembered me. She was the girl that didn't want to live, she felt she wasn't good enough that she wasn't wanted and she remembered me rubbing her back as she cried herself to sleep, she remembered me always telling her how amazing she is etc. Best Flower Girl Dresses 2020
So the moral of this is I know without doubt with all the BS God had us go there and be at that time for two women one who knew me when she was a child and one who knew me when I was in highschool but both knew me before the labels I've been branded with, before all this crap these two women knew ME and it was a reminder who gives a crap what some twat says I know who I am and those labels and those twats haven't changed me and never will!

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