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My last 10 days:
-Equifax hacked.
- FB profile duplicated.
- Web site hacked
- Certain stressful ministry issues arose ...
- Ronnie hit with sudden high blood pressure and non-stop headache.
- Washing machine breaks
- Find out we cannot send emails from ANY of our web sites AT ALL.
- Ronnie goes to doctor, appears to be doing better
- Ronnie gets worse, we spend the night in the ER to no avail, no help, nothing but charges racked up
- Get home, SECOND washing machine breaks
- Cannot find a neurologist on our insurance plan that still is on the plan, and will accept patients.
- Call doctors and hospitals who don't return calls.
- Find out that not only can we not send out emails, I cannot even send out an email from a SAFE email account that includes a link to my hacked website, or it will not be delivered.
- People I hired to fix the hack didn't get my email ok-ing their plan because of that stupid link in my signature line, so they did nothing until today.
- Doctor's office promises to call us back by the end of today (It's 6:40 pm, don't think they are going to keep their promise)
- Didn't call the dentist on time to cancel the appointment for one of our residents, so I have to take off work tomorrow to take him to it.

- God prepared me for this ahead of time and showed me what might happen.
- He said He would give me the strength to handle whatever comes if I don't try to get ahead of Him or try to figure anything out on my own.
- He had me meet with a sister on Saturday which resulted in a complete drenching peace of the Holy Spirit hours before we had to go to the ER
- My son has offered to buy us a brand new washing machine.
- Frank Sanchez took Sunday's service for us, and Melissa McClure handled praise and worship, so everything went on without missing a beat, even without us there.
- Our covering, James Nichols & Glenda Nichols are our prayer warriors, battling against the hell that is coming against us

I should be a complete, sniveling mess right about now, but My God is greater, My God is stronger, God You are higher than any other. My God is healer, awesome in power, My God, My God!
And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?
And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?

Thank you, Lord for your presence, your protection and your power in our lives. Please heal Ronnie quickly and relieve him of his horrible pain. And for everyone else under attack, you are not alone - the enemy is charging forward, but God is our refuge, our fortress, our strong hold, our deliverer! High Neck Prom Dresses 2020

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