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Throw back Thursday - I am very Anti Bulling !!! I will share some of when I attended school ,in Rockland, MA , at Rockland High School. I know that some might say so you were bullied in High School - Move On - I say that is important to share about experiences that one has had with being bullied. I know there is all forms of bulling in life. I encourage people to share their experience about being bullied. Why ? because being bullied should not be hid in the closet. This is my story. I will go back to 1965, 1966, and 1967. Place Rockland High School, Rockland , MA. I was the first boy in High School ever to dye their hair. I went blond. It was a hairspray that colored your hair. The brand was Nestle blond, gold, black , brown and red. You were suppose to be able to wash it out. In the ninth grade I was bullied very badly . I was called Queer, Faggot, and Mary Mencer - My name was William Mencer. All day this happened. No teacher tried to help me, and make the bullies stop. It was hard for me to concentrate on my school work . I worked part time after school as a dishwasher at Grants Skillet Restaurant in The Plaza in Rockland. I got out of school early so I could do this. It was a special program. I loved Art Class - and I was good at it. I hated Gym - I could not throw a ball, catch a ball, hit a ball, I couldn't wrestle, I was bad at everything except I could climb a robe. As I went into the Tenth Grade the bulling continued. It was pretty sad for me. I tried to dress nice and be in fashion , but was still not excepted by the Bullies. Iam not 66 years old. I will be 67 years old on Oct. 15, 2017. I was 15 and 16 years old when the bulling happened. I would have been in the Class of 1969 at Rockland High School. One of my dreams is that I can attend the 50th Class Reunion when it happens in a few years. I also would love to take my husband Alex Alexander, with me. Alot of the students were very nice to me, and I knew many from Lincoln Elementary School , and many from Rockland Junior High. I did love school, but I almost when off the edge from being bullied. On my last day of school , after being bullied all day long, I was threatened by one of my female classmates, after she kicked my books onto the floor, calling me , Mary Mencer, queer , and faggot, she treatened to beat me up after school. I was very afraid, and scared blue. It was in the late morning I went to my locker to try to put my school books in it. The teacher would not let me do this. I went out a side door and threw my books into the woods. I went up to a gay man's house that lived in back of Holy Family Church. I told him I was running away to New York City , I had no coat , and no money. He drove me to Boston, to The Mass Turnpike. I got as far as Southboro , Massachusetts. I was picked up by State Troopers for hitchhiking . They brought me to the Police Station . They called my mother . My sister Carol Mencer and her friend Ricky Baldwin came and picked me up. My mom had no idea I had run away. I went back to school with my brother Arthur Mencer. We went to the Principles office. I had been bullied for a year in a half I said the worst bully was a female classmate , I wanted my classes changed so I would not be in her class. He told me NO . I said then I will have to Quit School. I did. I was very sad and emotional. Gone were my dream of Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Senior Class Day and Picnic , Class Year Book, High School Diploma, so many dreams crushed. I started working full time as a dishwasher at Grants Skillet Restaurant, in Rockland , MA. That girl that bullied me , came down to where I worked , she gave one of the waitresses a note to give to me. She asked if it was her fault that I quit School . I said on the note , no it was not her fault ,. I lied about that. It was her fault. She was the final straw that broke my Spirit. Many years have passed. I forgive All that bullied me including that girl. I will add many boys bullied me also. I pray that none of their children, grandchildren , great grandchildren ever feel the pain and hurt of being bullied. I will say that I was a gay teenager. But much in the closet about it. I got my GED in Providence Rhode Island in 1977. I worked at Bulova Watch Company for 12 years in Prov. , RI , 1969-1981. I worked at Worcester State Hospital and Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital - from Jan. 10, 1982 to Dec. 31, 2012. I was a Mental Health Worker all on the 11-7 shift. I am happily retired. I have a Happy Life. I share it with my loving husband Alex Alexander and our two 16 year old cats Vixen and Tony. If you see bulling please report it. Picture # 1 - my 10th grade picture. Picture # 2 and 3 my 10th grade picture and my 6th grade picture from Rockland Junior High School. Life is a Celebration !! Enjoy Life !!! Be Kind, Accepting, and Compassionate to All !!!! Billy Mencer Ackerly ( to view picturesbetter click on them ) June Bridals blue color wedding selections