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You don't have to give up delicious breaded chicken just because you need to be gluten-free! All you need is:

Chicken thighs or breasts
Eggs and milk
Kinnickinnick breadcrumbs (found at Safeway) ...
Clubhouse Cajun, Greek, or Herb n Pepper spices (I sometimes blend all three)
Rock or sea salt

Heat oven to 375 degrees, cover baking sheet with parchment paper
Beat eggs with milk, add some salt, place chicken in mixture to soak
In separate bowl, blend together the dry ingredients with salt
Dredge the chicken in the egg mixture, then coat in the breadcrumb mixture
Feel free to double-dip and dredge again for a thick, crunchy coating (the one in the pic was double-dipped)
Lay out on baking sheet and bake for 40 minutes

**I didn't include measurements because I eyeball it and season to taste. You will need at least 2 tbsp of seasoning per 2 cups of crumbs for a good taste. Add a super amazing amount of salt for a genuine-tasting Shake n Bake replica.) June Bridals dresses prepared for beach destination wedding ;) **

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