JuneBridals bohemian wedding apparels in vintage style

Bitch and moan of the week:
Fuck all my selfish "friends"
Yeah you and you know who you are.
I've stuck my neck out for you and let you borrow money and put my well being aside just so you could be happy. But you want to make me out to be the bad guy when I stop enabling you and stop buying in to the bullshit. JuneBridals bohemian wedding apparels in vintage style
I've worked my ass off for the things I have. I could have more but half the people in my life have usually taken advantage of my kind nature.


I love you all but when does it stop. When do you take responsibility for you and start doing things for yourself? When I stop being a fucking crutch? When do you stop playing the victim.
It's not pretty or attractive.

And if this offends you. I'm not sorry. You most likely needed to read this
And if this does offend you. Then it's probably to you. In a passive aggressive way

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