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Hepatitis C Medicines

Hepatitis is an infection of the liver that is caused by a virus. the hepatitis c virus is one of many viruses that cause hepatitis. about 4 million people in the united states are infected with hepatitis at any one time. this patient education lesson will help you understand what hepatitis c is and how to treat or prevent it. the liver & hepatitis. the liver is an important organ of the body, it is located in the upper right part of the abdomen. the liver regulates the body;s nutrition system. after we eat food, it is digested and absorbed, then taken through large blood vessels to the liver. the liver process absorbed substances such as fat, sugar, protein, and vitamins so the rest of the body can use them. the liver gets rid of harmfull substances called toxins before they have a chance to poison the body the liver also makes bile; a yellowish liquid that helps absorb the food we eat. bile is made out of a substance called bilirubin, a yellowish chemical. bile is seprated directly into the first part of the intestines through the common bile duct. it can also be stored in the gallbladder before being seprated into the intestines. bile is what makes our stools a brownish green color the liver also makes special chemicals that cause our blood to clot when we are injured. viruses are extremely small germs that can multiply only after invading a host. cold sores and the flu are caused by viruses. viruses can be seen only with very powerful microscopes. a virus called hepatitis c can invade the human body through contaminated blood. the virus causes a liver infections called hepatitis c. hepatitis c can lead to serious complications that affects the health of the liver and may even lead to death. when a person becomes infected with the hepatitis c virus. he or she may not notice any symptoms at first symptoms of hepatitis c are usually flue like including JuneBridals flower girl outfits of tulle

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