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Dear daddy,
I Am little nervous to write this letter dad. Today, as I am just a few hours away from the moment when I would become someone’s wife, my heart is filled with memories of 23 amazing years of my life that I spent with my family. Till today I carried many roles in my life a daughter a sister a granddaughter etc., but all those roles were not that much tough because you supported me in all roles and you put sincere effort to play my roles perfectly. Childhood was always my special moments You let me free to play till I was tired, to read till I felt bored, to eat till I was full and to sleep till I came out of my dreams. You never compelled me to do anything. Thank you Daddy, for letting me to do everything as I wished to do Daddy you are my first boyfriend and my first love. When I shared my love with you on my college days you advised me about how to handle the love and one day that guy left me and he was coward to argue his parents for our love I still remember how tough you struggled to bring me back from my breakup. That day I realised no one will support me than you. You also promised me that you will bring me a good hubby and don’t be fluctuated in studies and daddy you made your promise finally you proved that you having good taste than me. You bought me gifts for all birthday and the Pencil sketch is your worthless gift dad because I too tried my best to draw good pictures but I can’t. Even though my painting were so bad but your room walls carrying them. All your morning starting from that. Thank you making for me so proud even in negatives. You’re my first hero first teacher. The first parent meeting all teachers scolded me for my Hand writing but dad you broke their face by saying “She having her own font style”. Then dad that evening you came home with three four lines notebooks and broke my hands. Those pains gave gains dad see how beautiful my font in this letter. Thank you daddy. You always treat me like your mom. Most precious day in a girl’s life is Puberty break. You appreciated me for bleeding first time. Still I remember you made a Paper Crown in chart paper and asked me to wear that full day. Not that one day I was the Queen every day in my dad’s palace. Oh But I believe the king coming tomorrow will always treat me like you because he is your choice. You never doubted me when I speak with boys. You gave me full freedoms, all my classmates so envy about you dad. When our neighbour instructed me about dress code. You fought with him. You never debated with me on my dress code and you always support on my side when mom scold me. Everytime I had to go long out you accompanied me. And when I attended my GATE examination you waited for full three hours under tree sorry daddy. You gave me freedom to go alone to explore the world and feel the responsibility. You took care of me when I was sick. You caressed me when I fell of my bike and injured my leg. You encouraged me to perform well when my grades were low. You celebrated my success more than I did. You surprised me with lovely gifts. You did many things for which I will always love you. I know we won’t be together from now, Daddy. But I will always be your daughter. You will always be in my heart. I promise, I will be a good wife, a good daughter-in-law, a good sister-in-law and also a good mother. I promise, I will fulfill all my duties and responsibilities towards my in-laws. I promise, I will be with you and mother when you need me. I promise, I will make you feel proud of me. affordable evening gown
Now I want you to promise me that you won’t miss me, you will always take care of yourself and mother, you will always smile when you think of me and you will always love me the same way as you did till now.
I know that my surname would change from now. But my first name will always reflect my identity as your daughter. I am entering a new family for sure, but from now on I have two families to share my happiness with.
My heart is heavy, not with sorrow but with happiness. My eyes are full, not with tears but with dreams. Its time I say goodbye to my family with whom I grew up. You will all be in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers