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So, how does communication work? We all know how to speak and listen, but do we really know how does communication take place?

Glenn's model of communication, 2017

This model of communication suggests that communication is a two way process where both authoritative and recipient take turns to send and receive information. This model of communication suggests that ciphering and deciphering are the two most important part of a communication process. boho items to wear for a formal occasion


The ciphering assumes a cavil part in starting the procedure of correspondence by converting data to information. The ciphering is done by the authoritative and will be send to the recipient.

When data reaches to the recipient, recipient deciphering and interprets the data.

This model takes communication as a never ending process which constitutes information and response.

Cristine Glenn Almelor
Oral Communication
HUMSS, Grade 11 St. Mary Magdalene

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