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Warning: this turned out way longer than I intended.

I haven't said much about this on Facebook but I've been having chronic back pain for years, since Leta was born in 2012.

At first, I just did stretches and walked (since I was still working I used my breaks for light exercise). I lost all my pregnancy weight, felt mostly normal except for some stiffness and pain. I could live with it, so I did.


Then after Gabe was born 2 years ago and I became a stay at he mom, the back pain, stiffness and leg pain became worse, constant and basically, I was miserable every minute I was awake. I couldn't even wash the pans after dinner without needing to sit down and rest afterward. I also had digestive issues, IBS like symptoms and had stopped eating so many different foods just to feel normal again. I was so upset and doubting myself completely. I wondered if I was just lazy and unmotivated and if I could just get my willpower back I'd be fine. But as soon as I'd try anything I'd be exhausted. casual and informal wedding wears look flapper

Doctors were telling me, you look fine, you're exams are fine, you shouldn't be feeling like this. Take laxatives, fiber supplements and Pepto Bismol. Seriously?!

So, I found a different doctor. Immediately she set up an X Ray of my lower back and a physical therapy evaluation. At the X Ray, the tech noticed I couldn't even make my back flat on the wall for the images. My spine was so twisted I couldn't make my shoulders line up with my hips!

A week later I had my physical therapy evaluation. She asked if any of my doctors ever noticed scoliosis! She said my slight injury from hitting a bump wrong on a motorcycle years before pregnancy, carrying transverse breach babies and having them pulled out sideways, recovering from those c sections while doing torticollis exercises with my all added up to one seriously messed up spine and pelvis!!

I don't know what my exact diagnosis is but the PT has used words like functional scoliosis, lordosis (swayback), and hypermobility. Apparently my joints are very loose and flexible which can contribute to all my problems. I can hyperextend all my joints which can cause muscle pain. All my connective tissue is tight. On my last visit I told her my wrist hurt, she felt the lump of tight muscle and then felt that my wrist was slightly dislocated! I'd been lifting boxes of house stuff all morning and wondered what I'd done to it. I was using a slightly dislocated wrist all morning.

When I had better muscle tone it wasn't an issue, my muscles made up for my weak joints. Since starting physical therapy, just 5 sessions in I already feel so much better! I changed sheets on all the beds and I could just go right to the next job, I didn't have to sit and rest first!

I also have abdominal separation from the c sections which has only made my other issues worse.

I guess my point is, don't accept your doctor's diagnosis if you know there is something wrong! I maybe could have fixed this pain years ago!

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