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Can't sleep. I guess it is harder to adjust to this time than it was adjusting to Hong Kong time. I'm just up reflecting on all of the great things that I got to experience. Carrying what had to be well over 75lbs on my back then plus some in a duffle bag the first day the about the same on my back the next day then MORE carrying around weight as I walked 4+ miles a day (according to apple fitness app) and I think back to when I was 315. I would never had been able to do that then. I was always fatigued, depressed bc of hormones due to weight, lazy, and joints and body ached too bad. If I had not dropped the weight and got my butt in shape, I never would had made it. 285 was a lot better than 315. Also, I owe a lot of respect to my friend Jeremy who trained me to get ready for China. The off set farmer Caries, split squat, back and shoulder work outs. All of it helped tremendously! I was able to hold my posture with that weight on my back and it actually made it stronger on this trip! But, those are just physical things. champagne or beige wears for flower girl

The biggest thing I'm thankful for is the spiritual readiness and growth that happened before and on this trip. My pastors are wonderful and did a great job of teaching us and preparing us. My church family did an outstanding job of covering us in prayer, and the team did a tremendous job of being flexible, showing the LOVE of Christ, and being a light to the people we encountered. We really shook things up, in a good way. I am very thankful to had been a part of that. Ok back to sleeplessness and reminiscing