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So, come back from walking Moe, expecting to drive the 18 year old to a music festival on govenor island, and she is proudly wearing a romper I bought myself yesterday. " Oh mom I went shopping in your closet and took this cute romper" " it's not like it will fit you".
Ok first insult me, then take something I haven't even worn yet, then inconvenience me to drive you over to Westchester at rush hour on Friday, and I have an attitude? Its not like the first 18 years of your life you were given anything you asked for. I swear sometimes I wish I could punch them both in the face! Just joking....., Not really! chic prom garment latest styles
P.S. of course it fits I try on before I buy, I'm not as dumb as I look!
PPS Silver lining? Maybe me and the 18 year old ( that's her name now) are the same size! I m wearing her graduation dress to pick her up Sunday!! Better yet The Prom Dress! I'll get out of the car and say "YOO HOO 18 Year old,MOMMY'S OVER HERE" Complete with Tiara! Take that little girl!! Stupid kids......