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After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I cannot stress enough how critical it is for a person to demand a sleep study if they snore, or have been observed to stop breathing while sleeping. People with sleep apnea are; 1) starving their brain of oxygen, and 2) torturing themselves with sleep deprivation that puts them in a state of constant exhaustion.

Apneas (stoppage of breathing) and hypopneas (under breathing or insufficient volume respirations) are an attack on a person ... 's physical and mental states.

There is also a probably weight gain issue caused by sleep apnea. When fat breaks down it is transformed into CO2 and is removed from the body by the respiratory process. Oxygen desaturation caused by sleep apneas increases CO2 levels in the body, which means that the process of removing CO2 from the breakdown of body fat is inhibited. In addition, the constant fatigue caused by sleep apnea inhibits physical exercise. chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching

A person with sleep apnea that is undiagnosed and untreated is risking a severe reduction in their quality of life. DO NOT let a doctor tell you that your snoring is a result of being overweight. Sleep apnea can be a significant cause of being overweight, and ignoring it is risking a downward cycle of increased weight gain resulting from constant fatigue and oxygen deprivation.

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