colored wedding wears look unique

Why i joined the galaday commitee. Look at that wee face, this was my first year being in it and i remember every second, from getting picked up in the mini bus in the early morning with my best friend who was the other train bearer, the silky dress with the big hoop inside it that my mum kept in the bottom of her wardrope and which i wanted to wear all the time, i think i cried when she said she was selling it. I think my brother was a dwarf that year, but it felt like my wedding day, like i was soooo important, holding the queens cloak so it didnt get dirty (i'm a staunch republican but the galaday is like being in a disney movie and i felt like a princess). The two schools in my village took alternative years of being the queen, and the catholics schools turn fell on my year, there were only two other girls in my class and they didn't want to be queen, so it was mine, all mine for the taking but then the galaday got cancelled because not enought people joined the commitee and i was heartbroken (still am gutted to this day that i was'nt the queen of Staceyburn) Anyways, lets not make any more little girls dissapointed, join the commitee and keep the magic alive for the kids, even if you don't have kids or there all grown up, think of the happiness the day brings colored wedding wears look unique :) Stoneyburn & Bents Childrens Galaday