convertible wears for bridesmaid With twist wrap

<3 <3 Good night, sleep tight as I am off to rack in and try to recharge these run down diva body batts tonight. Tomorrow afternoon my wonderful Dr. Chingos comes by for his monthly home visit where we banter and razz each other like two old buds easily do. I have been blessed to know Doc Chingos for easily over ten years now and although my Mito is un- treatable, it is nice to know if I do have some oddball medical issue rear its wacky head, he is only a phone call away and ... gladly makes house calls just for me. He brings my yearly flu shot, so we try to be proactive of what things I can fight against. Meanwhile enjoy this eye candy of a beautiful beach, close your eyes and let the warm salt laden breeze blow gently across your face. Hear the water lapping gently on the shore and listen for the familiar hiss of the foam at the edge as the sea flows up the sandy incline and reaches its apex and with that natural hissing sound, starts to slowly slide back into the wave from which it gently burst from. May God Bless All Of You and May God Bless Our Noble United States Of America! convertible wears for bridesmaid With twist wrap <3 <3

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