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My name is Rebecca, I want to plead with you on behalf of my
16yrs old daughter Elizabeth. Just take little of your Time and Read
this to the End. ...
I know you have a Mother, a Sister, a
Girlfriend or even a Wife; all of them are Ladies.
Look at the picture.
My daughter has been Struggling with Breast Cancer for over 3
She had one of Her Breast mutilated but the Tumor soon spread
to the other Breast Pictured Below.
Life has been full of Pain, Sorrows and Tears.
I had visited Hospitals, i have used Money until
I am now poor.
I am feeling Real Pain.
I want you My Dear Reader to be with Me in Prayer.
"May God Protect your
Loved one's from the
Pain I Have Gone Through."
If you have a Heart that
Understands what i am going through, then Please Don't Ignore
Only God can Protect Them from such Pain and Agony.
Type **Amen** if you Wish your Female Friends and Relatives
God's Protection from CANCER

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