flowy prom collections of chiffon

An update for friends and family.

A month ago I went to the ER for some issues that had been going on for awhile, including but not only, abdominal pain, and blood in the stools. I had some tests done showing my white blood cell count was elevated and that I was positive for blood in the stools. They sent me home not really doing anything else. Told me my GI could deal with me.

Wednesday (the 6th) I saw my GI dr and bases on the notes from the hospital and new symptoms (shar ... p, burning pain in my upper abdomen) she order more blood and stool tests, and we scheduled a colonoscopy for Friday (8th).

Thursday morning I went to the LAB and dropped off my samples and got my blood work. That night I did my dreaded prep.

Friday morning, I'm in the hospital, IV in, and my dr comes running in, saying she can't do the scope as I have an infection in my colon, and it's too dangerous. We did end up still doing the upper GI scope and I have Three ulcers in my stomach that she couldn't biopsy because of the condition of them.

I was told I have C DIFF. A very infectious infection that has many many side effect and risks included. I've been untreated for over a month. I got it from someone else having bad hygiene and it entered my system. It turns into spores and attaches and lives for weeks and months on surfaces. Now as most of you know, I have a very bad immune system and I catch things like no other. flowy prom collections of chiffon

I've been put on antibiotics and we're trying to clear it up before we can see damages and before I can have my cancer screening.

This infection increases risks including many things that have me very afraid.

Please always follow your gut when you feel something is wrong.

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