formal garments prepared for college ceremony

This is what I think is happening.
1.This is the NWO's biggest catch.... biggest moment...the year to snatch their grandest prize., the USA. They have been practicing this for decades with smaller countries and succeeded. They've started wars, created famines, destroyed and suici died politicans and innocents, developed pandemics, dumbed down the world, rewarded incredibly sick, greedy, vulnerable and satanic minds with child abduction, slavery and sexual times leading to death. Now past the pacle of destroying societies through massive global integration. created hate amongst races and cultures. SNATCH! BOOM! The globalists are multi-orgasmic.
Voter fraud is well organized. The election is 2017 and "The Globalists have got it". Oh yeah! With Obama and Soros at the helm its a no-fail operation. Rockerfeller has had his 7th or 8TH cardiac surgery as he creeps up on this marvel work he and his co-conspirators have sculpted. He is nothing less than euphoric.
2. Obama the racist, non-American Kenyan president has all things on go for the 2016 vote. Soros is even more reassured because of the whole family frequent exotic vacations and Obama's incessant golf outings. White America, still bashful about America's history of slavery, tiptoe their dislike for how he is governing and Obama knows nothing will come of their dislike.
3. Soros reassures the big bosses. Obama is a genius even though the bosses have their reservations. Soros does as well, but he is the guy who watched the meticulous grooming of this man-child and Obama knows how critical the NWO takeover is
to elimination of the Caucasian race he abhors.
4. Election day: Democrats are not prepared for how wakeful the Conservatives are this time around. Liberals fall out of sync when several of their very visible talking heads are ensnared in the smell of voter fraud. Even the pro-liberals fake news has come to total recognition as the votes are counted.
5. Soros calls Obama wanting reassurance. He is enthusiastically reassured by Obama.
He calls Rockerfeller and tells him not to worry. Even if Clinton is having seizures, showing evidence of being Incontinent by urine stains appearing on her clothes, collapsing and bizzare behavior in public, being held up to climb stairs David (Rockerfeller) "the right is asleep. We still have the riots to pull out of our war chest"

6. Trump wins... Soros knew all along he had a man child but his sources kept telling him Obama could pull I off. Soros makes the mistake of saying in front of the press "I chose the wrong guy".

7. Rockerfeller is knows he will never witness his dream. His co-horts blame him for Soros and Obama. He has no defense. They have invested trillions over their life to take down the only freedom left in the world. What went wrong they demand of Rockerfeller. Soros keeps telling Rockerfeller the fat lady hasn't sung at I left of Rockerfeller's fibrillating heart star to fail and he drops dead.

8. The Globalists are relieved yet terrified because the spine of their network is gone. Plans were made for his demise but there is still mass I disorganization in the pipeline. Meanwhile, Obama becomes the world's play boy jetsetting across the world to snorkel in the south Pacific and enjoy his non-alcoholic "trips" without convictions as any king should. He has promised America 30,000 man then a 25,000 man army to combat injustices as seen through the liberal defective lens. He sends co-conspirator criminal Eric Holder to be his spokesperson. Holder assures the anti-constitutionalist the Obama is coming soon with his army of 25,000. But Obama starts shadowing President Trump around the globe to any international organization meetings and somehow succeeding in being granted private meetings with friendly and unfriendly Heads of State. His narcissism cannot separate him from the reflecting pond at the war memorials in DC. He becomes a victim of his own injustices as he sports a big toothy smile in public, but hates himself because he is still black, if only half. formal garments prepared for college ceremony

9. Now the United States of America has an incredibly brave populist President who the left has decided if they cannot eliminate him in one big swoop, they will chew away like the FLEAS that Obama left in the White House. The Globalists are fighting amongst themselves, Soros has lost favor but still in it as middleman with Obama. And Obama continues to play dress up while he tries to decide whether he is man or woman.
10. Trump, the greatest non-combat hero of the 20th or 21st centuries, stands staunchly for his people. He is the product of the words that Norman Vincent Peale, his father and his mother left him. He doesn't submit to the hate, abuse and scandal the disorganized criminal left like to sling at him. He has learned that in politics you trust no one and some things are better elf unsaid. He is stunned at the ineptness and deceit of the greatest political power in the world. Not even his family was prepared for the Laurel and Hardy events that have Thus far transpired. BUT Trump trudges bravely on like Alexander the Great with his small army by world standards.

So what have I learned from Donald J. Trump and why do I support him?
a. He relates to the working man and the wealthy. He witnessed how his father came here an immigrant and accumulated wealth that would not have been possible in Europe. He wants to show his respect and love for the only country in the world that could allow him to have the life he wants for himself and his family.
b. He truly loves people, especially real Americans.
c. He reps himself frequently to ingrain in his subconcious what he believes to be true.
d. He is a hero.
My tablet or FB. Is misspelling every word. I must end this. I hope I find all the errors.