formal items in navy blue

Update: The other night I started feeling back pain ( as many of you know I have a bad back injury) and pushed it off as there was nothing to be done. The next night I started to feel nauseous and had pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and after taking some advice I drove myself to the ER (instead of a sports medicine Dr.) to take 5 hours worth of tests to find out I had appendicitis and was ready to burst. I was able to get under the knife right away and have successful formal items in navy blue ... surgery.

Lesson of the day: No matter how tough you are or how well you think you know your body, you shouldn't hide it or wait, go see someone ASAP

Also I have a brand newfound respect for anyone in the medical profession and how you deal with people in their worst moments.

Thank you

P.S. Big thanks to JoJo for being there for me on her Birthday!

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