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When you pointed your fingers to me as " steal office floor mob , chair " in 1994 , as it was long time sitting there and no one was using it , you didn't know what you stole from your husband over decades! Totally hold him with ROPE and left him disabled!

When you pointed fingers at to me as someone bribed , you totally forgot your 40,000 bribe for your daughter's job in 2008, two zero more than my sun flower jam , left over shoes or dinner parties to colleagues on public not private!

When you said REPUTATION, you didn't know what is means of show your strength with your ability to come Australia with tests not with marriage or MAO named affairs wedding dress packs! Show me your REPUTATION by leaving your veteran nurse aunt alone , stole her elderly life happiness in 1990s , by dragging her courts to courts! All you had was a piece of land which is going to GRAB! hawaiian wedding dresses

When you called me JALLAP, you should know I never know 100 handsome Uyghur men's phone number in Melbourne! I didn't begged them to help me open a business on their name ! I didn't drove back to Professor Yu Jia even I saw he was sitting close to a girl in his office. I didn't drove back to Bill Van Eyek in 2010 , even it was quite possible to own his number of branches!