items to wear with sleeves for the formal usage

So my baby boy some how escaped this morning after we left the house .. He was tied up but this little man is the smartest dog ever ... We found where he took off his collar and dug a hole .. He went towards the main streets and was hit by a car and died.. They called my husband and me to let us know he needed to be picked up .. I never thought I'd be a muggy dog person i havent stopped crying ....but my heart hurts so bad right now he would sleep with us in bed he learned t ... o roll over play dead shake hands and walk on hind legs sit and lay down... he was definitely a mamas boy too whenever Eugene n I would fight he come sleep with me and keep gene away .. He knew when I was pregnant before I knew so protected over me... He took.turns sleeping with the kids at night and would be so excited when they wake up or when we got home ..... The worse part was telling my babies Zeus died today.. I've never felt their pain so much like I did today ...I miss my baby boy... items to wear with sleeves for the formal usage

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