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This poem was published in the Woodville Republican and in the Alzheimer's letter to families.


It seems so far away that I walked to the Swimming Pool on hot Summer days with my little sister and Mom.

It seems so far away that I played "UNDER" the house and enjoyed tea parties and homemade cookies she made for

Me, Sally, Ann, Linda, Peggy and Mary Ann.

It seems so far away that I walked through that Woodville Lunch Room and saw her smiling face putting food on all our plates, but waiting especially for me and my sister.

It seems so far away when my Dad worked two jobs to buy her a new dress from Velma's Dress Shop.

It seems so far away when both of them worked two jobs to buy me a Life Size Doll from Bests Five and Dime.

It seems so far away when they both came to pick me up throughout High School from my job on Saturdays at Woods Drugstore.

It seems so far away since they both worked two jobs to give me an education, and a beautiful wedding, and enduring love throughout my life.

It seems so far away when she so proudly held her first Grandchild and tears of joy were in her beautiful eyes.

It seems so far away that I held her frail, shaking hand, looked into those eyes of hopelessness, and heard that sad, sad, word Alzheimer's.

It seems SO NEAR that Ruth's name will appear in her beloved "Woodville Republican".

It seems SO NEAR that Ruth will again be in her Woodville Baptist Church where she saw her Husband and Daughters baptized. Ruth bravely sat and quietly cried as they took her "Curtis" from this Church to the Woodville Cemetery. Ruth will be placed by his side one day.

It seems as though I will NEVER forget that sad look in her eyes as I last left her. I cry out to God to please let her know how much she was loved, and to let the tears stop flowing from my eyes and the ache in my heart get better, as I prepare to say good-bye to the sweetest, kindest Woman and Mother EVER. jr bridesmaid dresses

Annie Laura Owens

I wrote this to the Woodville Republican as a tribute to my Mother, Ruth Leake.

I did it in hopes that it would be printed in your Newspaper and heighten awareness regarding this terrible disease.

Thank you for taking time to read this and feel free to print if you so desire.


Annie Laura Owens