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Let me use this medium to say congratulations to Mitch Sweez Pratt James M Peters Linda J Zulu Courage D. David Lovestina Dennis Ganii kanneh etc....
Written by : Eman Kojo DjRevolution Tetteh

Title : After High school

As I retrospect on days back in high school, on August 19, 2016 the day we took off those special design clothes call uniform which had lots of respect and responsibilities. However at my junior school level I was mainly determine on finishing with High school and getting a good or nice job to help my family not knowing High school diplomats was not even a close target of getting a job especially in our Environment. It is somehow laughable seeing my bigger brothers and uncle very dress as they were doing some kind of NGOS, GoL etc work, having notice I always wanted to be there doing the same, looking good, very busy..... lace cocktail dresses

Two (2)weeks later after celebration I now began to understand what have been happening buz the presents that I did hope for in the name of graduation was never seen as I expected....... Days past ..months pass..

The real world now began to show it face like lonestar cut off three days free call, these are what I was confronted with ...

1.parents was now telling me that I'm MAN now. especially a boy child with single parent ( mother).

2. Thought I had many contacts to connect me where i was thinking of, but every day was story from people I know that could help.

3. I was at the point that I could do anything to get somewhere and get something doing, friends was my only help.

4. I will wake up looking at the sun rising in the morning and at night look again as the moon go down

5. I saw friends that i was better than in school getting jobs opportunity but not knowing how they got it but I just wanted to get there conclude

Never get carry away by any of those things buz just keep # be focus......
Everyone have different destiny
I hope my story can help u guys and welcome to the real world...comrades