lace wedding dress

In Nigeria nothing gives joy than having your
own personal original charger
Can you Imagine what happened today
I saw Two Slay Queens arguing on who first
started being a Slay Queen
I think its Time we start giving Slay Queens
Registration Number..
Pls izzi true that Short people can tie their shoe
lace while standing?..
I thought I have seen it all..... Until I saw a baby lace wedding dress
drinking breast milk with bread.....
You want your relationship to be like that of
Romeo and Juliet...
Did Juliet ask for recharge card, Gucci bag
Wickedness is when you wish a fat girl A happy
birthday and also tell her "bigger bigger you, I
Ladies can be very wicked.....
How can you save a guys number as " *pig*"
Some guyz will wake up by 2am to pee...
And they will post on Facebook.
"Real hustlers don't sleep"..
Who are you deceiving....
Goodnyt guyz
Come ooo... Who taught Nigerians to keep
broom at the back of the door..
Jesuu, Ho my God!! Someone just commented to
a Girls Photo saying! And I qoute "you look so
Never reject a gift from ur ex, it's your PENSION
collect it with joy
Heart break is nt when ur love leaves you.......
Heart break: is wen ur newly wedded wife is in
the kitchen preparing dinner and she ask
"honey how many maggi should i put in the
pounded yam??"
Na this one shock me pass.....
Which one be give me "cold ice cream"
Just shift lemme laugh
Dear Future Kids,
I'm not the one delaying ooo.Your father is still
busy dating one useless gal, I hope he doesn't
finish your school fees
Ur Responsible Dad
Your boyfriend beats you on a daily basis and
you still upload his photo and caption it "You
bring out the best in me" my sister are you an
"ogene drum"
When you are in church chilling with your
and your mom starts giving testimony about
how *God* delivered you of bad mouth odor..
I'm still mad at NOAH for allowing Mosquitoes to
enter the Ark,He will have just allow them to be
destroyed by flood
now see how mosquito draw Africa Map on my
If you see any post like...
"Every disappointment is a blessing"
Just know that the person failed jamb
A weed smoker fell from the 1st floor of a storey
A nearby crowd rushes to help him:
Crowd: What happened?
Weed smoker: I don't know ooo. I also just
Girls and Fashion...Some Girls handbag be
looking like Ballot Box as if they want to go and
rig election
Pressing phone while pooing....
Makes pooing interesting....
Do I have a witness in the house
American Girl...
Well, I will say I miss him everyday and I believe
he misses me too, he is a great guy, was actually
the best thing da happened to me.. we loved
each other so much buh it just didn't work out
for both of us and he moved on buh I miss him..
Nigerian Girl...
that idiot? He is devil himself, sometimes when I
sit down and I wonder what I was thinking when
I agreed to date that good for nothing shameless
goat. God will surely punish him everyday of his
life.... but wait oo which my ex were u asking
Tomorrow I will be calling all the cockroaches
and rats in my house for a MEETING so we can
discuss how we will be sharing the rent..
I dnt knw who owns the house anymore...
Why is KFC chicken so expensive.....
Did the chicken attend private school...
14 years imprisonment for Gay in Nigeria...They
will still put them in the same cell with other
Is that not Honeymoon
My sister if you ex texts you and say " I still love
you and I want you back"....
My sister just reply "I don't do part 2's, am not a
Nigerian movie"
Girls who wear chains around their legs
Abeg the slave trade is over nah... Stop giving us
flash back
Am at my busstop.... Come and beat me
What's happening to this world sef.....
You are not Rihanna
Aunty wear bra ooo...
I don't know why some people are still feeling so
proud like they are the only ones buying
expensive things in Nigeria....
My dear we are all buying expensive things these
days.. Even if na only onion you buy, you are
living large
I bought a pant of N9,000 and you expect me
wear it under my trouser? Hell NO!.....Abeg ooo
If you see someone dress like superman on the
streets just know that its me
Forget about electricity shocking....
Nothing shocks more than touching you pocket
and then discover that your phone isn't there
Igbo children be like;
"Palents risten to ya chirldlen,
We are d lizard of tomollow".
na joke oo
Don't feel too big when guyz ask you for your
contact.... 98% of them will not call you, its just
our hobby...
Dear bestie....
I hope we remain bestie forever, even after we
We can become "Ghostie" and scare people for
Mzta Legitnwa