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*Episode one*
As for me, the man of my dreams must be Tall dark and really handsome, on top of that , he must be a born again, spirit-filled, tongue talking, demon chasing, pocket filled ,gentleman that earns six zeros and above ,you what I mean? I can't settle for less in this life. God didn't create me on a Sunday with my light skin and curvy figure just to end up marrying one 'olofofo'

My sister, with all these qualities you've mentioned, now I know why you're still very single. Continue adding qualities o, that man will remain in your dreams ,just watch and see.

Excuse me Jennifer, what's your own ? Is it your dream? Or is it your Mr right? Leave me biko.

Tracy, don't get me wrong ,its very normal for you to have standards as a lady, but don't you think these qualities are somewhat unrealistic to find in one man? I mean, a six figure earner in this Economy ? Babe, have mercy nah! You that's talking you've never even worked a day in your life, you've never even earned half zero, but you want someone that earns six zeros, a whole six? Haba!!! Think about it...

Jennifer, special adviser on six figure matters, I've heard you, thank you for your advice. But I still maintain my stand, afterall there are men who earn six figures and they don't have two heads do they? Just leave me be. If you want to follow a man that will make you soak garri all the days of your life, you're free to do that, its your life. You know how much I spend just to maintain this my fine colour, the spa treatments, the body lotion, my nails, my hair, my dresses, babe you know. So don't think after marriage I'll stop that. My dear, the times are evil, I have to keep glowing even after marriage so that all these small small girls will not snatch my 'Mr Handsome' away from me. little girl prom dresses

See you! You're already giving him a pet name when you've not even met him, you're so funny.

I know I've not met him yet, but I can sense that he is just around the corner. I can't wait!!

To be continued...