long evening gown

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Cheap dress....
Hy my name is you..my age is yours..but my dress is not yours.my dress is still mine.i never wear cheap dress but some boy's mind are cheap.they thought we are just made for their entertainment.we wear short dress to seduce boys or for being physical,girls is it true???Are we made just for entertainment and seducing the boys???Boys wear short pants or underwear we girls never tease them or harass them but if girl wear jeans and designer top even long...then why they do rape with us???why they harass us??even girl wear salwar suit or saree then also women are being harassed by boys why?? long evening gown
Boys u should change your minds our dress is not cheap your mind is not cheap it is cheapest..
Share this message so that not much but few boys and society should change their cheapest mind......