long floor-length wedding bridal dresses

I shared these two pictures last year on our anniversary, now another year has gone by, it is 39 years ago that we got married in Chickasaw Park. It was a beautiful day(thank God for that because I had made NO other arrangements to get married indoors anywhere). I cried through the whole ceremony. I had 3 of my cousins on my mother's side play guitars and sing during the ceremony. One of the songs they sang that day was Annie's song by John Denver, still one of my favorites. My sister Pat was my maid of honor(she wore a dress she already had), a friend of Fulton's from his hometown was his best man. My niece Leanne was my flower girl and ring bearer combined. I paid $75 for my wedding dress and I had to make payments on it on layaway. I had heather in my hair and Fulton just wore a white suit he already had. We had the wedding reception in my folk's backyard and garage and I helped my mom(along with whatever sisters could help) make the food. Fulton and I went on our honeymoon the week BEFORE our wedding to South Carolina. We drove there and visited old friends he knew when he lived there. We slept in the back of his yellow Datsun pickup in rest stops when we weren't staying with friends and couldn't afford a room. After we were married we lived in a one bedroom apartment that was part of a house in Austin, MN. Fulton was in school to be an X-Ray tech, I worked PT in a floral shop. Love to you Fulton on our Anniversary. long floor-length wedding bridal dresses