maid of hour bridesmaid wears in periwinkle

Na swilava ku tshama
Part 1

In life there are choices that we pick and choose, some are bad and some are good, it is up to you who do you love, who makes you happy and who doesn't, it hurts when we live a lie coz we fake a lot and love full of fake emotions don't last forever, people get hurt unfairly, some get dumped for no reason, some used each other like fools in love, we keep hurting each other under the umbrella called Love, we seem to forget love and pain don't mix, Love and hate are not cousins, love hurts sometimes but everything happens for a reason, believe that!!

Lust, sex and lies sometimes goes hand in hand and it hurts a lot when love comes in between those three coz tears are offloaded from innocent souls and pain becomes their favorite meal day and night with no comfort for them hearts, cheating excel to number one priority to weak minded individuals, lack of communication may lead to unnecessary fights between lovers and these are my reasons why?

:santy::I'm feeling dizzy today, I don't know why?
xikhokho:::Shame, I'm sorry honey lets go to bed and rest
santy:::Wow good idea my love
xikhokho:::Come I don't want you to feel down for no reason, let me give you a massage
santy:::Nah,,not today
santy:::no reasons,,but I don't feel like it
xikhokho:::Owk,,I see behave!
xikhokho:::I don't get it
santy:::Don't start
xikhokho:::Start what?...every time you always complain,,"please don't touch me,,,please don't do this n that,,,blah..blah..I'm sick of it"
santy:::I'm not in the mood for a fight okay!
xikhokho:::Yeah it shows!!
santy:::Now you're angry with me?
xikhokho:::As if you care!!
santy:::I do care,,a lot
xikhokho:::Shame I don't see that
santy:::Stop nagging,,I'm sick today
santy:::I hate when you do that thing
xikhokho:::what thing?
santy:::Never mind,,goodnight!!
xikhokho:::Kiss me goodnight then!!
xikhokho:::Wow...just like that!!
santy:::Aah..stop playing games,,I'm done,,let me sleep
xikhokho:::Sleep its fine,,goodnight,,I love you!!
xikhokho:::Life has full of surprises
santy:::So you say, I guess I'm your bad surprise,,sorry dear
xikhokho:::I didn't say that
xikhokho:::Yes,,I'm talking about life not you honey
santy:::You think I'm stupid
xikhokho:::Hahaha nop!!
santy:::Now I'm like a joke to you..huh?
xikhokho:::I thought you said, you're tired
xikhokho:::You talk too much now
santy:::Shame on you,,don't touch me!
xikhokho:::Just a little bit
santy:::Touch your life surprises not me
xikhokho:::Don't be like that
santy:::Shoot me then
xikhokho:::I will
santy:::With what?
xikhokho:::I have my pistol full of rounds
santy:::It wont work on me, try next door!!
xikhokho:::okay Baby,,I will
santy:::Just like that
xikhokho:::Yep!! I learned from the best

They were teasing each other all night long, xikhokho showed her no mercy and santy was acting like she don't mind what was going on between them, she wanted attention from him and he wanted attention from her and they ended up fighting like cats and dogs in the name of love, santy had a bossy attitude over him and santy was a kind, sweet and caring Man with no harm hidden underneath, she took advantage of him but he acted like he was blinded by love but in actual fact he was not happy at all about it, days gone by and santy decided to bring someone between them and that was hell in the making maid of hour bridesmaid wears in periwinkle

sipho:::Love where is your toy boy today
santy:::Who cares about him,,do you?
sipho:::What,,,no..he's someone I don't give a damn about,,I'm just asking
santy:::Mmm now i see.
sipho:::Its been a while,,I miss you so much
santy:::Really? me
sipho:::your wish is my command, but what if he comes back and find me here?
santy:::Shhhhhhh you worry too much,,shut up and kiss me!!
sipho:::I love you
santy:::Wow how sweet of you, I love you too Baby

They both kissed and make love with no shame, santy enjoyed spending time with siphon more than when she was with xikhokho,sipho was a player with no vision, his mind was only for sex nothing more, nothing less, he cared a lot about himself, he was happy to bite xikhokho behind the ear, and santy was on top of the world fooling around with sipho, time flies when you in heaven, santy was not aware that xikhokho was outside parking his car, she was on top of sipho enjoying his hairy chest until she was disturbed by xikhokho when he closed the doors of his car

santy:::sipho hurry up,,get dressed!! xikhokho is outside,,please Baby hurry up I don't want trouble.
sipho:::Mxm,,I hate this,,now you want to jump out of the window
santy:::stop talking,, jump ill see you tomorrow
sipho:::Okay,,,I'm still busy wearing my clothes,,don't rush me
santy:::dress outside please!!!
sipho:::What nooo!! You got to be kidding
santy:::Please hurry...tjo..I'm in trouble
sipho:::hahahaha I told you
santy:::Get out
sipho:::Give me my shoes!