old Hollywood wears for prom party

Are you one of those folks who will keep doing the same thing over and over, even knowing that there will be a bad result every time??? Hummm, interesting huh? This is more common than you might imagine, just think for a moment about your religious beliefs and the church you've attended for nearly a lifetime, has anything changed in your life, about your life, about you relationship with God? Ok, now I ask you to be honest with yourself because one day you will be forced to answer these questions honestly and if nothing has changed, if your still fishing with the same bait and catching no fish, there's something wrong, something really wrong! The Devil, that old deceiver will convince you that being this religion or that religion is all that's necessary, hummm, if that's a fact, then why does he, the serpent offer you so many religious choices????I remember a joke, a story of a man who dies and goes to heaven. He being given a tour in a large structure with a long hallway. As he and his guide walk along the hall, there are doors on either side and he asks, what is behind each door? The guide smiles, here we have the Baptist, there are the Pentecostals, the Methodist are here and the Lutheran are there. Just then the guide places his finger over his mouth, be very quiet he says as the past the last door, why the man asks, because behind that door are the Catholics and they believe they are the only ones in Heaven! You can use any religion you choose, if this were not the case, there would not be any use for all of the religions of the world, there would only be two according to Jesus, the Jews and the Gentiles (Christians) ! Remember this, true Christianity is faith based belief in God, Jesus, The Holy Ghost and The Word of God in Truth, The King James Bible, PERIOD! everything else is based on someone's opinion and God has no use for our opinions, Praise God. I listened to a woman who declared that she is now a Christian, she shared a meeting she had with the members of a religion who had visited her when she was still in the world. as they attempted to convince her that they represented the only religion acceptable to God, sh noticed that the bible they were using had Scriptures that were covered over with a black marker. She inquired about this and was told that the Scriptures that were covered up were scriptures that they, their religion disagreed with???????? Following the opinions of men because their opinion happens to fit your opinion or your interpretation of God's Word is like doing 100 mph on a highway with a posted speed limit of 65 and getting busted, time and time again and wondering why you keep getting tickets? The only opinion that counts, the only interpretation that matters is that of God's Spirit, The Holy Spirit, and that's why God tells us that the only way to get into Heaven is to be Born Again in The Spirit! , period, period, God offers no other option and that's the teaching of Jesus Christ! Quit doing something over and over if there's no change in your sinful nature and being, look to God, look to Jesus, look to God's Word, not man's and seek The Holy Spirit! old Hollywood wears for prom party