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1. Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge; it is knowing what to do and doing it at the right time.
2. Wisdom is the scriptural solution to any human dilemma.
3. With wisdom you can initiate any change you desire; you can do things that seem impossible.
4. Every born again person has the mind of Christ; this means they operate in a dimension beyond the natural.
5. People of wisdom are always in charge in every sphere of life.
6. When you operate in wisdom, you can never be frustrated or stagnated.
7. The amount of mental exercise you engage in determines how high you go in life.
8. Wisdom tells you the right steps to take.
9. We are expected to use our minds to attain success; all we have to do is reason with God's Word - Isaiah 1:18.
10. The mind of a born-again person has everything needed to make them a success but they need to exercise their mental muscles to succeed. organza styled items to wear of the wedding
11. There is a way out of every challenge you are going through if only you will think - 1 Corinthians 10:13.
12. Concentrate and Consecrate your thoughts in a bid to get the solutions to your problems.
13. When things are not going as planned you need to stop and think to get the solution.
14. Wealth is a function of man's capacity to think; success has more to do with thinking than praying.
15. Not studying God's Word and anointed materials is the major reason for the mental retardation in the world.
16. Every child of God with anything less than a sound mind is an embarrassment to God.
17. Stop playing the victim and start finding a way out of your challenge.
18. Your mind will never be developed if you are not reader; do not read only to pass exams, read for knowledge.
19. To stand out in life, you have to make studying a lifestyle.
20. When you are an ardent reader, you will operate at a class higher than you peers.
21. The level to which you use your brain determines your gain in life.
22.Always make sure you are up to date in your field of endeavour.
23. Meditation is giving scriptural mental attention to your situation.
24. Reasoning is the ability to locate the most profitable path to your desired goal through logical, rational and analytical thinking.
25. Meditation can also be defined as consecrated mental attention; it is staying on God's Word until the depths are opened to you.