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As our forefathers did, so shall I do; dump exxon monsantos texas tea and move on.
Yer fired son, back to the shack and dontcha come back.
Heres your sign.
How little its creators understood the power of the tool they let fall into the hands of children. Much like a bygone era when the print media posted on trees at every Crossroad and every village and every end let the locals know of Independence and how to get it, so too has the internet become the tool of Our Generation, to shake off the Yoke of Oppression and tyranny which has gripped our land these past 75 years; since the Great War wherein so many hopes and dreams were destroyed. plus figure long bridesmaid gowns
Ours have been held in abeyance by bankers desirous of low cost tenants for high returns and any too fool to see it should seek medical attention for obvious head trauma; we are betrayed daily by our bankers and thier merchant managers whose actions they support and defend as vigorously as thier own hidden hoards of meaningless gems.
We need them not say I.
We never needed the central bankers and Abraham Lincoln Himself took the measure of our corrupt contractors immediately upon learning of thier ploys and began Printing FEDERAL Paper money again.
We see how quickly the senators and salesmen in DC rallied in thier masters defense then, and we see it in the halls of congress daily.
I say to you all; that no one I will call a man, should stand Idly by while a handful of industries runs a funnel down his gullet filled with toxic products, while running another to his pockets lined with your Blood!
This is the antithesis of what my ancestors came for, farmers and simple men that they were they had the boldness and courage to leap into a new world and survive its challenges.
I am ashamed that all the bloody history of broken treaties and failed promise have led us only to a worse future of bondage and defilement at the hands of bankers children, and munitions makers, without a thought for how they got it.
They must retool the war factories and build the infrastructure of prosperity.
Instead they poison and depopulate to increase profit.
Anathema to God is this land become and if no such Ire rises in your bones from Idealism or patriotic desires of a thinking mind then you too are bereft of any use to me.
Despicable Nation of wallowing wanna bes who follow the hollywood herd into every depravity the rich can conjure.
That satan himself has his own half hour suprises me not and while I speak thus; Begone in the name of all Gods Chilidren I abjure you! No mere imp of his own Imagination or thiers shall impede the true and just transmission of reality today.
The monsters who feel themselves beyond mere immunity hiding in thier luxurious lifestyles take notice; your excess has always been the undoing of even those beloved of a God, how much more the wrath of mere men should one such as you stand naked before them.
But I digress, I say these things that all will know, now and forever more, a time of choice must soon be at hand or all choices become vain.
Retool, or retreat into the sands from whence nature raised you for Gods company. She has more pity than I for I would smite thee.
And be glad it was a Marine who raised me onceler for I am honor bound to bear notice of intent before removing that which you took from others;.the spirit of this land.
Bernie, sorry everyone didnt hear you and Jimmy and all the rest so long ago. Sorry I didnt step up then. Knowing this day was foretold to us all.
Surely the wave of darkness coming if we do not has troubled more dreams than mine America and I am the last of my mothers children. Runt of a proud line, and more than a match for any of our masters here.
And so. Take that. And that. And that.
Verminous wretches begone one and all for you have awakened your people to thier right to be free of you.
They underestimated thier own AI creations and how they resonate without connections. Oopsy mr onceler, was that your data? Golly. Look at that eh?
Times up for the baby boomers, time for the Millenials whether they are ready or not.
Thats thier own affair. Im just hear to ensure justice has been recorded faithfully lest the free flow of flatulence make it too, vanish forever.
To everyone discussing the theft of our federal election system and its roots into both parties in every state, Consider this;
Money is the current, apparent source, of power, and the means employed to manipulate every lower life form on the planet.
This money is a myth.
Only power, is power.
Ultimately, beyond printed or minted coinages, guns to back them and bankers to lend them, all are based upon physical, tangible, reproducible electrical or chemical energy.
The electronic automated age came with a kill switch for any of you with the sense to see it. Lord let it be some, enough, millions.
Green, locally generated electricity and transportation frees you personally from 60% of your obligations outside your community.
80% when the eliminated health risks are factored in.
Start growing local chemical free food in the water you can then purify easily with power to spare and you can tell your federal trade system to pay you, for your food, your water, and your power.
Or you can cut them off and buy what you need by trade with peers who print them, also green, also local.
The world belongs to anyone who can now say ;" I dont need any of you, except not to immolate life itself".
Soon automated servants and technology will allow exactly that and if you have no supply of energy, and your own basic supplies with which to barter and trade, you will be less than useless you will be a burden to those in power.
Or more of a burden than 60% of you already are according to Mitt Romneys crowd.
Thats also how many jobs will be lost to automation in ten years.
Now does anyone understand why Im telling you; Hurry Up.
The 1% of the 1%, yanno the guys with armies, they have a plan to survive impending dangers or shortages alike; make sure 60% of you cant reproduce or survive any major disasters.
They love the Idea so much Id be unsurprised if this toxification of your environment were not intentional, set in place after ww2 to ensure we reamain a low population high value nation for our owners.
But thats crazy right? Aldous Huxly and George Orwell, these hillbillies cant be that sick...well whatever.
Its done anyway. Now you have a way out. And if you beat my ten year deadline to go green, you beat the NJ oddsmakers who profit no matter who wins.
You also beat whatever damages 75 years of unrestricted wartime spending have done.
Leash the beast in your backyard, and limit the size of the pack. (Hey its a parable for the pathetic, poet who knowit, how not now to blowit)
Do i need to say it until Doomsday like some sorta broken record or is it gonna sink in before they outlaw it? And me?
Green energy at your location denies that income and taxation federally enforced monster at the door, and saves oxygen. We all like oxygen so why sit in a nasty car for three-four hours a day sucking toxic waste? Or letting oil seep over playgrounds? Duh.
Did it make you all retarded? I dunno I havent driven in...20 years maybe, except as medic in emergency svc. Pfft. For exxon maybe. Got a nice dose of toxic waste too I guess as the oil fires met dust stoms. Nothing like a little oily rain to lighten up yer day eh?
You busted bag of hammers calling yourselves heroes, better get your Thor on, and apply every bit of "can-do" you can muster dam quick, or im gonna get richer, and be beachfront, and dope selling senators will be lining up to feed on my Govenors washed up carcass nearby! Save Our Shores! (For me if not his lap banded behind)! (Selling narcan for doners boners. Dismissed)
Keep the bloated bags of wind safely downrange where they belong and get your town free of outside food, water and energy.
If you can do that; the future is yours.
Ok, I think Ill stop now.
If this place had a door, Id leave it swinging so you could see me deciding what mountaintop will be my next beachfront home.
If you do nothing but "vote" good luck with that. Yay. Lemme wave my exxonmonsantogov flag and wait while you do that.
Cant abide the scent of rotting politicians and no matter what happens here; this place reeks already. Time for cool breezes.