prom party apparels look gorgeous

The "girl-boys" I have as facebook friends how una dey nau?
I was just wondering after seeing one of ur recent pics where one of U bent back as if one crayfish from oji river is Ur role mode, just after U put the one where U were wearing a long wig dressed as a woman and started to wonder how the thing take dey do una for inside body?
Do U sometime wish U could see period every month as well? Cos this weird desire to be a woman is not anything my heart can fathom.
Do U ... place Ur penis in Ur palms, then stare at it in disgust and sometimes cry and question God with a painful heart, saying "why me lord?"
Are U ever attracted to girls in anyway? If yes, does it make u feel like U're a male lesbian?
And these guys U're attracted to...what exactly attracts U to them physically? I mean, is it that when the rest of us are looking at someone's girlfriend or wife's soft looking full round nyash and wishing we met her first, U would be on the side looking at the man. His Adam apple, huge knuckles and "yam leg"...I really want to know how a man finds a fellow man attractive sexually! prom party apparels look gorgeous
Whichever one of U it touches to explain to me what it feels like not to love masculinity in Urselves other than in others, should kindly help me out of my ignorance.
I would have ended this with "God" bless U but I fear it might upset U as U might feel God already made one mistake too many I'll just say "peace and sanity" be unto U! SHALOM!!!

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