red prom dress

All too often I see people bored in relationships and looking on the wrong side of the fence. The results are never good when this happens and usually leaves someone devastated.

You can't compare your grass to other people's grass. It is YOUR grass. It belongs to you and you are RESPONSIBLE for taking care of it. If their grass is greener it's because they put time and effort into getting it and keeping it that way. Want grass as green as theirs? You don't have to uproot all red prom dress ... that you already have growing and start over...just start taking care of it. The more you tend to it and the more you feed into it, the greener it will get.

If it still isn't growing, maybe it isn't getting enough sunlight. Try removing the shade...

In other words, keep everything open and honest. You don't have to keep things hidden in the dark. When someone truly loves you, they accept you fully...the good and the bad.

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