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This has been baffled my mind for a very long time. If u look around d world now, 99% of marriage has ends with aversion that leads to divorce. I keep asking myself what d cause may be, is it d head or the body they use to show love then that has been replaced? Don't they know there character before they ends in marriage? I wonder when they are both in relationship, that they call themselves every hours, they might not have any tangible issue to discuss, there poem is I just want to hear your voice, they keep shouting of I love u nd I miss u. Where is that love now? I thought an adage says " ife ki ja, ife ki binu" should I say they are not right? Have seen a couple that dated for 5years and divorce after 3 months wedding, is 5years not enough to study ones attitude or his/her weakness? Also a couple that have conflict almost everyday for d past ten years and still living under d same roof, should I call that love again? Why are we planning for wedding not marriage? Wedding is just a show up of friends nd family, dressing georgeously for just a day, when marriage is for a lifetime between two party, there is different between house and home, house is just a building, but home is build by a woman. According to my research about ladies. Every has its own choice, that is why d white people says " one mans meat is another mans poison" u are a lady that loves a tall guy, fair in complexion nd have beard, but a short guy approach u, though u don't love short guy but becoz he is rich, u decide to get married to him all becoz of materials, if those materials are no more, u will later ends in divorce nd u won't have d grace simple long sleeve wedding dresses
of that tall guy again. Don't look for materials or u want handsome bobo. Pray for d one that would b like ur father, mother, brother, sister and your best friend, so that u would have an everlasting nd happy marriage. Marry a virtous man .... D 2nd part is on d way for guys......Enny cares