tight prom dresses

My problems with buhari ...if not Tinubu he can't even win primary takless of presidential election... But to my surprised.. He abandon him.. I can't be fool 2nd time...

Asiwaju was used like a wedding dress

Good for just one occasion, dumped in the wardrobes like an insignificant and out of fashion design. In words, it was unambiguously expressed; I am for everybody, I belong to nobody. Correct

In deeds and actions, his influence was curtailed and his wings clipped. He was de-roped of his APC National leader status. It was after the inauguration that they discovered that there was no such post in APC constitution. He was later reduced to Asiwaju of Bourdillion. The intrigue of the already concluded governorship election in Kogi State was the first strayed bullet, followed by serious and sporadic accidental discharges in Ondo State Governor's election. History, you may say, it refreshes our memories, gives us an understanding of where we are coming from, guards our future misstep. tight prom dresses

There's a need for the renewal of marriage vows, the wedding dress becomes very important once again. It is a time to be for everyone and yet belong to someone. The Abuja - Abidjan tour creates some fears and doubts in mind. It reminds me of how we lost Tunde Idiagbon, the powerful and no nonsense retired military general to the same intrigues of politics. Chief Bola Ige's death is another case study. I hope Asiwaju is comparing notes and taking lessons so that what he refuses to take care of will not take care of him

Asiwaju tun ra mu
Araba tun ra mu, odo n'gbarere lo, tun ra mu
Someone that is not your close friend two and half years ago, can not suddenly developed unnecessary intimacy now. That in itself is suspect. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty