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Late Night News!


Report enter studio say the youths wey dey shell road come out,for this 21st century to stop d work,to repair d road because of money. As we speak the workers don stop work since yesterday and we dey hear say,them don dey move their equipments out of the road. We dey call Mr Sunday Okoro to investigate this very issue to the root,so that the company go return back to site and make dem draw those boys to face disciplinary committee if at all say,na truth.

Report enter studio say yesterday night was a blast for Richard Continental Hotel,as one Mr Efe Achora wey dey school for Western Delta School,wey dey plan marriage,friends organize Bachelors Eve for am for Richard Continental Hotel. The Party experience great crowd as dem do am in kolabor with aka Aloko birthday. The groove carry crowd,as Aloko Nai be one of the important personalities wey mark birthday without Cake,as MC Dockey use am play for stage,before e gather e Osusu without tithe. The Bachelors eve experience the presence of big names like Triple Chair,Joseph Ebosa,Rusiah Prince,Daniel Dollar,Oritsema and host of others. The Bachelor's eve dey ok but I tire wen girls refused to dance wit Efe Achora due to say e don doke many and e nor pay. Nor be small thing as I hail Musa Masa wey organize d show as e give my crew members Fanta and Coke drink. Na so Chief Randy Okotie tukin dey inspect the venue to manage e company defaults. We thank the management for the newly constructed floors wey dem dey set,as we frown for who drive Otortor Igere Jeep last night,as e almost cause unsure accident. We commend the likes of MC Dockey and friends wey make d place get life.

Report enter studio say,IDON NIGHT CLUB yesterday after the publications wey we announce about stripped dancing,give birth of "A NIGHT TO REMEMBER" as dancers from Porthacourt come this town and dance naked for about 5Hours. Them first enter stage with pants and bra but all them Daniel Dollar,Russiah Prince, Toju,Ebruche,Triple Chair,Big name Jolomi Boyo and host others tanda to enjoy the groove. One of the girl naked for VIP and insert three Cigar sticks wey she light for her private part and begin use her private part take dey smoke d cigar. Also another one insert Snap drink for her private part. I mean full bottle,as she sleep for ground and begin use bottle take dey do soapy. Our studio frown wen people like dem Daniel Dollar begin snap pictures after MC/DJ Dan announce say make nobody snap pictures next time. DJ Asagba deliver well as the sales girls display modestly yesterday. From our studio we find out say Sapele don advance enter Sodom and Ghomorah becos devil waka enter Sapele with those girls,as one of the girl wey stripped get small breast and big breast. Why of the other girl wey small like ant just stiff and dey dance like mugu. We dey hear say another strippers night club dey again this coming Friday,due to say people run leave De-Romeo enter IDON last night to see Kpekus. wedding collections With removable cap sleeves

Report enter studio say one guy wey be younger brother to one Reverend Father wey be stranger for Sapele and dem dey call am Fr Clement Nai do wedding for Wetland Event center for opposite Memories Mall today. Na the down flow Nai the wedding for take place,as the bride and groom dressing enter class,just that the guy tie be like old Atakara Teacher tie. The cake Na one of the best for town today,as I manage do 8 plates of hot rice,wey dey smell Niko sweet. The drinks dey breath,like say Na mortuary dem for bring them out,as the hall ground Air Condition dey mangnet people from d gate. One boy wey wear red shirt wey dey change money dey smell Ekewun,as dem use benetete take roast d rice. Na N120 I spray becos of CBN wey nor quick bring money come for me to change.

Report enter studio say Na today Nai Efe and Deborah join hands together to make sure say,dem tie the knots. The wedding process start from Secretariat wen Court caution them not to ever leave each other. Na so dem snap pictures and make d place colourful. Na the second floor dem for do deir reception as MC Dockey master the mic and MC Cookie crack endless joke. Our camera spot Daniel Dollar again,as e start the spraying of N100 note but with low key,as Mr Godfrey Igere aka Otortor1 fall in with N10 black paper bag. The second floor for the Wetland Event center almost roast yam cook. Na so the association of Capenters wey Heat wan kill,use deir hands open the windows before them go die. Same thing with other people. Drinks surplus,as d bride brother wey Coke from Ghana open fire but Na Brume wey DEY USA Nai win for drinks today becos e drinks nor dey finish. All Sapele guy men tanda for the wedding. Na only Solomon Abeke Nai be the old guy man wey nor present there today due to say e find one babe go Otefe. Food scarce for the ground pass diamond,as MC Paulite Nai position dry use mic dey abuse people. We congratulate this great party.

Report enter studio through Micheal Jackson Agbada say Hon. Godwin Ebosa just dey leave
Caribbean island wey dem dey call Antigua and Barbuda for meeting wey e get, with their ambassador wey dem dey call Daven Joseph. We hear say e dey head to UK now on 8hours drive and Na with flight. We dey pray for e safety as we also hear say Olorogun Kingsley Esiso carry cough come from Germany due to the strange weather wey e see for that side. We congratulate the PDP State Chairman of Delta State for this him tour.

Report enter studio say old Mess20 don finally resume her wonderful cooking skills for near Recembo Filling Station for cemetery road. Them get every delicious meal,wey go make u forget about ur sad day. We dey appeal to unu to start to dey patronize this great woman of substance wey enemy nor go see her back. Her food dey ready as from 9am to 10 pm for night. Na d pictures of the place dey attached to this very news. Also u fit book her for occasion food with cheat prize and rates.

God Bless Sapele.

Who among unu watch the film wiliwili and which year?