wedding party wears for bridesmaids

A photo or an image is a snapshot in time. The ability to capture a memory. When you look back at a photo it triggers that memory. It triggers a feeling. Now I'm not taking about just a Professional Photoshoot, I'm talking about anytime you take a photo. Nowadays with every phone having a camera, except if you're still rocking a Nokia 5110, the ability to capture or create a snapshot of a memory is easier than ever before. But what do we do with these memories, these snapshots...? Most of us put them online, we upload them for the world to see.. we are proud to show off and share a memory. wedding party wears for bridesmaids

If we are taking photos of memories, happy memories, why don't more of us print these images..?? How many of you reading this print off photos and put them around your homes? Having the ability to easily see a happy memory in the place we live everyday would sure be easier then scrolling back through months on our Timeline, or having to go through different Social Media Albums to find a photo that triggers a Happy Memory. How much of a difference do you think it would make in your life seeing a Happy Memory on your wall, on your bedside table or at your desk everyday.??

Going to clients homes that I've worked with before and seeing photos that I've taken on their walls is so very humbling. Helping them have happy memories around their home. From weddings to maternity. Bday parties to modeling Photoshoots. Fitness Photoshoot cause you've changed your lifestyle and lost 20-30kg or your a fitness competitor dedicating a massive chunk of your life to getting up on a stage to show the world the best version of you to people that want to wear wedding dresses and get bright colored paint thrown at them..

Now I'm not writing this for me to say "come and do a Photoshoot with me, I'll create memories for you to hang on your wall/bedside table"
I'm writing this because I want you to know why I do what I do.

This is why i'm a Photographer.